SPUR Africa is a socially responsible organization; it is simply Africa’s ignition key to individual/ corporate purpose realization.

According to Enterprise Journal, “There is no other training platform that shows employees how to truly become entrepreneurs in their employers’ company and instill value for work in an amazing way like you find in SPUR Africa’s trainings”

Since its inception in 2012, SPUR Africa began what it themed SPUR Venture Campaigns to help instill the entrepreneurial spirit in young people through workshops, seminars, books and audio programs, through its adventurous founder, Lawrence Ezisi.

Strategy, Partnership, Unification & Resourcefulness (SPUR) Africa is a leadership and entrepreneurship development organization that was founded by Lawrence Ezisi in October 25th 2012.

Our mission is to inspire, empower and equip a new cadre of Leading African Entrepreneurs by conceptually providing a level playing field for personal, organizational and community transformation. SPURS’s activity is broadly categorized into SPUR Business Club, SPUR’s Street Smart Trainings  and SPUR Innercircle (a mentoring platform) to address these focal points working with entrepreneurs and youth. SPUR Africa’s key strategic areas include youth development, role-modeling, career coaching, employability, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, social innovation and SME development.

Since inception, SPUR Africa has been privileged to successfully help countless individuals and personnel of leading corporate brands such as Ecobank, Entriflex, MustHave, and leading home interior giant, BLUENEST Limited to find their turf in the world of money. It has transformed their workforce from having the conventional employee pay check-motivated mindset to becoming a team of entrepreneurs working for their mentors and driven by the desire to create lasting change and outperform their yesterday.

SPUR’s Business Club trainings have offered people the opportunity to become entrepreneurs when they least thought they possess means to become one. This have been made possible by applying the mutual business concepts and standards discovered by it’s pioneer founder, Lawrence Ezisi.

Driven by our vision to be recognized as the premier resource centre for developing dynamic, innovative and principled African leaders who will drive Africa’s realization of its full potential, SPUR Africa’s founder Lawrence Ezisi has published 3 Entrepreneurship and personal finance themed books which are used as practical guides, worksheets and tools by practitioners and trainers across Nigeria.

SPUR Africa is on the verge of rolling out several special projects in Nigeria, such as the long-awaited SPUR Africa Awards (SAA) and The SENT (Street Entrepreneurs for National Transformation); a platform to empower and develop street hawkers from rural communities towards becoming better skilled and trained business owners.



Spur Africa’s vision is to foster entrepreneurial participation across Africa in order to actualize both individual and corporate mission regardless of people’s social or financial status.


Our mission is to inspire, empower and equip a new cadre of Leading African Entrepreneurs by conceptually providing a level playing field for personal, organizational and community transformation.



Commitment: We celebrate, recognize and reward passion, dedication and loyalty to the mission and vision of SPUR Africa.

Communication: We practice clear, timely and consistent communication, recognizing this as the basis for effective team work, efficient problem solving and organizational success.

Excellence: We demonstrate excellence in all our activities going the extra mile to ensure that our programmes, services and operations are world class and of the highest standards.

Integrity: We consistently demonstrate transparency and truthfulness in all our dealings.

Respect: We recognize and celebrate the diversity in our society and demonstrate respect in all of our interactions with different stakeholders.

Result-Oriented: We focus on outcomes, not activities. Through our programmes, we strive to change mind sets and behaviour; inspiring, empowering and equipping our participants with tools, skills and support that they need to effectively lead positive change efforts in their companies and communities.